Lincoln Highway Association: California Chapter P.O. Box 447
Carmichael, CA 95609

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, October 2, 2010

Original Mike’s Cafe
9133 E. Stockton Blvd
Elk Grove, CA


  • Bob Dieterich
  • Norman Root
  • Paul Gilger
  • Myron Gershenson
  • Bruce Macfarland
  • Mike Kaelin
  • Grant Gassman
  • Greg Gassman
  • Joel Windmiller
  • Kell Brigan
  • Larry Mitchell
  • Bob Chase
  • Stephanie Perrier

Minutes by: Stephanie Perrier

  1. Officers’ Reports — State Director and Treasurer were absent; Chapter President vacant.
    1. Secretary-Recorder:
      Approve minutes from July 10, 2010. Mike Kaelin — minutes on the website
    2. Treasurer:
      Kell Brigan reported our balance. Details available upon request.
    3. Vice-President:
      • Paul Gilger reported 400 maps have been sold to date; he distributed the list of sales for review.
      • Mark Delavern, Capital Development Manager with Capital Area Development Authority, has included the Lincoln Highway as part of the historic restoration of downtown Sacramento. He will check into posting a 1920 marker in the Capital Building, which should not pose a problem. Paul and Norm will work with him on the project.
      • 2013 100th Anniversary Tours — The American Association of Antique Cars from Hershey, PA are interested in connecting with the Lincoln Highway tours. Norm was told that approximately 20,000 cars participated in the last tour, but he cannot confirm the number.
    4. Editor:
      Gary was not in attendance, no report.
    5. Webmaster:
      Jimmy Lin was not in attendance, no report.
  2. State Director’s Report:
    Bob Dieterich — All is quiet on the National front. The San Leandro library is interested in posting a Lincoln Highway sign. Brochures are being worked on at the national level and for each state. Links are available on the LHA web page.
  3. Project Reports:
    1. Speaker’s Bureau
      Bob Chase gave a presentation to the Model T Association. They asked for 45 minutes but allowed him to talk for 90. 35–40 people were in attendance and asked interesting questions. He will speak again at the Alameda Men’s Club on November 20, 2010.
    2. Lincoln Highway Signs
      Mike Kaehlin stated there are four LH sign projects in the works: The Altamont (Alameda County), San Leandro, Livermore, and Stockton. The Tracy Inn now has a Control sign posted near the main entrance on 11th Street (LH).
    3. Tours and Cruises
      Paul Gilger reported the tours are $40 to ride in a Lincoln Highway member’s car, and $25 to drive in a private car with the use of a walkie-talkie. Tour interest seems to have risen, in 2004 5–10 tours were given, 2008 and 2009 were not good years for tours, after the last meeting 20 tourists signed up for the tour. Publicity was thanks to Carolyn Lignos, who now goes by Carolyn Harkonnen. Currently only two reservations have been received for the Central Valley tour. Some of the funds collected will be used to purchase new walkie-talkies, as using several different types with different functions has posed a problem. The Donner Pass route over Dog Valley is not a good tour; the road is very bumpy and not suitable for all vehicles.

      The question was raised regarding liability. A disclaimer is included with the sign up sheet and collected before the tour begins.
    4. National Conference
      Paul is trying to get a meeting at Tahoe to discuss the conference that will be held at Harvey’s and Harrah’s with a tram to Heavenly. Kell is working on the artwork, and Greg is on the food committee. Greg’s friend runs a barbecue pit in Woodland and has agreed to provide the catering. One meal per day will be offered in an effort to reduce food costs. An idea is being discussed to use buses to get to Clarksville, then from there, use old cards to follow Bass Lake Road using the California tour book with maps. Paul will create the maps, Gary will create the tour book. Two speakers are needed to represent the California side. Paul asked for suggestions of speakers on the topic of the California Gold Rush; the Nevada speakers will have the topic of the Silver Mines. Gael Hoag’s grandson was raised as a possibility.
    5. Lincoln Highway Letter boxing: nothing to report
    6. Sacramento Areas historical organizations: nothing to report
    7. Placer County historical organizations: nothing to report
    8. Self-guided Tours
      A demo is on CD. Myron stated that publicity is needed. The tours should be dissected into local areas, as most residents are interested in their immediate area before branching out. Paul asked for volunteers to chair the publicity committee and agreed that it was valuable, but as a volunteer group everyone needs to take charge of issues as they see the need. Myron agreed to chair the publicity committee.
    9. E Clampus Vitus Plaque in Hayward
      Myron Gershenson said the E Clampus Vitus historical group recently appointed a new president and new officers who are still becoming acclimated. The renovation is under way for the area where the Lincoln Highway sign will be placed, but renovations could take up to a year. The hope is that the sign will stand at A Street and Foothill Boulevard, as Hayward is the southernmost point of the highway. Bob stated that the national president could possibly deny the grant if funds are not used, but at this point there is not a corner to place the sign due to the renovations.
    10. E Clampus Vitus Plaque in Truckee
      Bob Dietrich said the order is off to the foundry next to Eagle.
  4. Discussion: The Lost Two Miles
    Bruce Macfarland and Mike Kaelin stated Countess Alice Valensin of Valensin Ranch named Arno Station. In 1924 the guide listed the population as 100. However, today Arno is no longer on the map; it disappeared in the 1930s. A map of the area and Division X plans for line changes of trunk highways in Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Solano Counties was shared for review.

    The road trip to see the lost two miles took place immediately following the meeting, with stops at the West Dillard Road off-ramp and both sides of Highway 99 north of Arno Road. The “lost” 2 miles is now on gated private land owned by the Cosumnes River Preserve and leased to the Pellandini Dairy. Drivable portions of old West Stockton Boulevard, Valensin Ranch Road, and Arno Station Road were visited, with Bruce MacFarland providing a field presentation (with seating no less!!) near the old site of Arno, 100 feet from the UPRR train crossing.
  5. Meeting Adjourned
    2:30 pm
    Next meeting: January 8, 2011 — location to be determined later