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[Photo of cover of the Forum]Volume 29, No. 4 • Summer 2022

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President’s Message
By Kay Shelton Kozak
p. 2
The Eastern Third Highway Auto Tour of 2022
By Jim Cassler
p. 3
The History of the Eastern Terminus Marker
By Jerry Peppers
p. 12
My First LHA Conference
By Judy Greeson
p. 14
2022 Lincoln Highway Association Awards
Photos by Ed Kozak and Tim Wunsch
p. 16
The Bernie Queneau Coast-to-Coast Awards
By John Jackson
p. 17
They’re Talking About the Lincoln Highway
By Russell S. Rein
p. 21
Collecting the Lincoln Highway
By Russell S. Rein
p. 25
Chapter News
By LHA State Directors & Officers
p. 27


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