Lincoln Highway Association: California Chapter P.O. Box 447
Carmichael, CA 95609

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, April 2, 2011

Urbanos Mexican Restaurant
5825 Manzanita Ave
Carmichael, CA

Officers: All chapter officers were present except Webmaster Jimmy Lin: State and National Director Bob Dieterich, Chapter President Norman Root, VP Paul Gilger, Editor Gary Kinst, Treasurer Kell Brigam, and Secretary-Recorder Mike Kaelin.

Other Chapter members present:

  • Mark Hoffman
  • Tom and Linda Voss
  • Lloyd Johnson

There were 11 members in attendance (unknown, apparently 1 attendee did not sign in).


  1. Officer Reports
    1. Secretary Mike Kaelin approved the Minutes of the January 8, 2011 meeting.
    2. Treasurer Kell Brigam stated that the chapter is solvent.
    3. The Traveler Editor Gary Kinst has moved to Rio Vista and will be sending The Traveler newsletter online.
    4. Webmaster: Kell Brigan has declined to function as Assistant Webmaster.
    5. Webmaster Jimmy Lin plans a special website for our LH maps online, which will be printable.
  2. State Directors Report: LH credit cards were determined to be not advisable as it is illegal for a non-profit organizations to advertise it. We need to copyright our official 2013 LH tour logo. Discussion of car clubs wishing to participate in the 2013 cross country tour. Nothing else to report on the national front.
  3. Annual Election of Officers
    • All incumbent officers were re-elected by all members present. State Director Bob Dieterich’s term will expire in 2012.
  4. 2011 National Conference at South Lake Tahoe. Paul discussed coming events, including:
    1. Pre-conference meeting April 16 at Harrah’s Hotel in South Lake Tahoe. Attendees: Paul, Bob Dieterich, Kell, Lloyd, Carolyn, Miriam, Bob Chase, Ken Masterman, and the Gassman brothers (including Yvette).
    2. Pre- and post conference tours
    3. Details of the Tuesday Tour to Clarksville (no outside BBQ or port-a-potties).
    4. Hotel Registration at Harrah’s and Harvey’s, prices and deadlines.
    5. Speakers and bus tour guides, whisperers; possible slow downs due to blocked lanes on Highway 50, etc.
    6. Jess Petersen reports that 45 LHA members have signed up as of March 31, 2011.
    7. Mark Hoffman of Sports-Leisure Tours motor coach plans.
    8. Convention shirts can be purchased at the LHA Trading Post and at the conference.
    9. Thursday award dinner to be held at Heavenly’s Lake View Lodge.
    10. Kell will design a gift basket; Jim Bonar conference photos & location; Laney name tags
    11. Gary to send out conference info post cards
  5. Other Project Reports:
    1. Sacramento Capitol Area Development: (Paul Gilger) in progress, nothing new.
    2. Publicity: (Carolyn) nothing new.
    3. Speakers Bureau: Gary’s proposed (April 20) PowerPoint presentation for Tracy’s West Side Pioneer Association was cancelled. Paul asked if he could share it. LH speakers are always in demand!
    4. Lincoln Highway Signs: Mike discussed recent LH sign sponsorships including San Leandro, Dublin, and Livermore; all have signed on and are slowly moving thru the usual red tape. More participants were solicited. 3 signs have been installed along the old Altamont Pass and Grant Line Roads in eastern Alameda County.
    5. Tours and Cruises: (Paul) traditional tours have been suspended in favor of private caravans with walkie-talkies. Potential liability problems discussed. The term “LH California Cruises” was discussed. Mark Hoffman discussed his company’s bus tour programs which the chapter should support, including the planned Donner tour.
    6. Suspended Activities: Volkswalk, Letterboxing, and self-guided tours have been suspended due to lack of interest.
    7. Sacramento Area Historical Organisations: Bob and Norm discussed the Stone House at Cisco Grove, including problems with old foundation and new roof. Also mentioned was the Donner Summit Historical Society and the 20-mile museum on old Route 40.
    8. E Clampus Vitus Plaques: (Myron) suspended in Hayward due to construction project at that site. (Bob Dieterich) an order has been submitted to a foundry to manufacture the Truckee site plaque.
    9. Brochures and Application Flyers: These were distributed with new price stickers to be applied.
  6. The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 9 at Rockville Station, Solano County.

Submitted by Mike Kaelin, Secretary-Recorder