Lincoln Highway Association: California Chapter P.O. Box 447
Carmichael, CA 95609

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rockville Inn
4163 Suisun Valley Rd
Fairfield, CA

  1. Meeting called to order at 12:54 PM. Presiding officer was VP Paul Gilger.
  2. Introduction of attendees: All officers were present, except Norm and Kell. Officers present included Bob Dieterich, Paul Gilger, Gary Kinst, Mike Kaelin, and Jimmy Lin.
    Other members and guests:
    • Joel Windmiller
    • Ken Masterman
    • Myron Gershenson
    • Markie Gershenson
    • Carolyn Harkonnen
    • Grant Gassman
    • Greg Gassman
    • Mark Hoffmann
    • Stephanie Perrier
    • John Russel
  3. Officers’ Reports
    1. State Director Bob Dieterich discussed national issues including leadership changes in various LH states, and director vacancies in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming. Bob will remain LHA National President. The new national VP will be Kay Shelton. Tom Lockart will become chief fundraiser. There is a need for a certification process for write-in candidates for national and state offices. Annual budget, including projected Canton Ohio Conference expenses for 2012, was approved. The annual directors’ meeting will continue to be held on the first day of the national conference. Bylaw change: 30-day notice for members intiative and/or recommendations to the Board for review.
    2. Chapter President Norman Root absent. Illness.
    3. Chapter VP Paul Gilger conducted the meeting.
    4. Treasurer Kell Brigan was absent, but posted current report.
    5. Secretary-Recorder Mike Kaelin approved the April 2, 2011 Minutes. Flyers for the upcoming national conferences were offered to attendees. Paul was thanked for his superb efforts in organizing this year’s Lake Tahoe National Conference.
    6. Editor Gary Kinst officially resigned as Editor of The Traveler.
    7. Webmaster Jimmy Lin has recently cross-posted California Chapter and national Lincoln Highway news on and
  4. Committee Reports
    1. California Maps: Paul reports that the LH Driving Maps are still selling well.
    2. Tour Cruises: Paul reports that there are currently no reservations for the quarterly tours or cruises. Carolyn proposed a website for local cruises in the Sacramento region. (Also see New Business below.)
    3. Signs: Mike reports all our historic LH signs are safely accounted for. The historical societies of Livermore, Dublin, and San Leandro have currently accepted LH sign corridor sponsorships. Stockton, Pleasanton, and Hayward also have shown interest in the project. The sponsorships involve some fiduciary, contractual matters, and politics, thus proceeding painfully slow. Mark Hoffmann volunteered to approach Rancho Cordova to get some LH signs there.
    4. Speakers: Gary Kinst has made PowerPoint CD presentations for all 4 sections of the LH in California and discussed sharing these with Mark Hoffmann’s Sport-Leisure Vacations.
    5. Promo: (see New Business below)
    6. Other: Myron Gershensen reported that the Hayward Historic Association will conduct a Lincoln Highway tour through Hayward (Foothill and A Streets) on Saturday, August 27 at 10 am.
  5. Old Business
    1. 2011 Lake Tahoe Conference was a fabulous success. Lloyd Johnson and Gary Kinst were given credit for their contributions, providing historical copy and fotos for the official conference guide booklet: The maps and photo work were highly professional. Pre- and post-conference tours were successful despite a tunnel blockage at Donner Pass and a rockslide at Spooner Summit NV. Paul is preparing an LH tour for the Hangtown Model A Car Club, and thanks them for our convention’s Tuesday Clarksville tour, and of course, their friendly co-sponsorship of our memorable “old-timer cruise” on the virgin (1914-LH) Old Bass Lake Road out of Clarksville (now on private lands).
  6. New Business
    1. Chapter Meeting Scheduling and Notification: Jimmy Lin has agreed to get notifications out online to all who have e-mail addresses. Joel Windmiller has agreed to become our chapter Membership Chairman, and to send out reminder postcards to all of our current chapter members. There are currently about 150 California chapter members. It is anticipated that four reminders for chapter meetings and tours will be mailed. Joel has suggested a mailing company be considered, if the price is favorable. Jay Banta will continue to send out the annual renewal notices.
    2. Website Updates: (See Jim’s Webmaster report above). Jimmy has agreed to update California Chapter Minutes on our chapter website soon. Paul would like to see more “flash” in our website.
    3. Tourism Development: Mark Hoffmann of Sport-Leisure Vacations, inc., discussed his TAF and NTA bus transportation resources, and tour package discounts, among other things that would be economically feasible. It was agreed, in principal, that our chapter will partner with Sport-Leisure Vacations to develop and promote future LH coach tours in California, and Mark will become our official Coach Tour Chairman; Motion was made by John Russel, seconded by Mike Kaelin, and passed. In order to promote upcoming events, Paul, Mark, and others proposed contact with car clubs and CA historic associations to join us; Mike agreed to get LH-inspired historic associations on our contact lists. Mark mentioned he would like to conduct 2 LH tours per year.
  7. Next meeting: Saturday, October 1, at Banta Inn Restaurant, Banta, CA (near Tracy).
  8. Meeting adjourned at 2:59 PM.

Submitted by Mike Kaelin, Secretary-Recorder