Lincoln Highway Association: California Chapter P.O. Box 447
Carmichael, CA 95609

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, July 7, 2012

Judy’s Place
1207 Pomona Street
Crockett, California


  1. Meeting called to order at 1:50 pm. All officers present except Bob Dieterich.
  2. 23 in attendance, including 1 guest (see Attendees at end)
  3. Agenda approved by consensus.
  4. Second Quarter Minutes for April 7, 2012 were approved; carried by Joel Windmiller, seconded by Scott Miner.
  5. Officers and Staff Reports
    1. State Director Bob Dieterich: Absent. In June, Bob stepped down as National President; VP Kay Shelton was appointed the new National President of the LHA. Several new state directors are needed. Bob remains on the LHA Board of Directors as State Director from California.
    2. President Paul Gilger:
      1. Paul has had 5 speaking engagements so far this year, and encourages other club speakers to do more PowerPoint LH presentations (see item 6g below).
      2. 2012 LHA National Conference: Paul said that the June 2012 National Conference in Canton, Ohio was a huge success. It was well attended and had some great tours. Paul mentioned that he played piano at Bernie Queneau’s 100th birthday celebration. At the convention, Paul received the highest award: LHA’s Meritorious Achievement Award for his countless hours mapping the LH on a national scale on the new Google-based maps. Our esteemed webmaster Jimmy Lin received the Exemplary Friend award. The Livermore Heritage Guild and the Clarksville Region Historical Society each received the Friend of the Highway award. Bob Dieterich will present the Livermore Heritage Guild with its award at its business meeting on Wednesday, August 8 at 7 PM.
    3. Vice President Joel Windmiller: Joel mentioned that the Clarksville Days celebration was well attended by public, including our LH Chapter booth, which was manned by Bob and Adrienne Dieterich, Kell Brighan, and Joel.
    4. Treasurer Grant Gassman: Grant thanked Kell Brigan for her five years of service as Chapter Treasurer. Submitted chapter account balance (contact the chapter for details); accepted by all present.
    5. Recording Secretary Mike Kaelin: Mike simply thanked Gary Kinst, Jimmy Lin, and Paul, for the efforts they made in their respective LHA pursuits to better not only the California Chapter, but nationally as well! We’re number one!
    6. Newsletter Editor Gary Kinst: Gary reports sending 140 e-mails with The Traveler newsletters attached; 9 were rejected. Gary and Russell Rein recently sent requested historic photos to our own esteemed Brian Butko for his new LH book to be published soon. Gary also sent his 4-part LH California PowerPoint presentation CDs to some of our chapter speakers.
    7. Webmaster Jimmy Lin: Jimmy reports the new online LH map is a huge success. Google map stats are being kept, and as of July 1, 2012 there have been 570 hits to access the map.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Membership Chair Joel Windmiller: sent 220 post card mailings, with no bad address returns.
    2. Mapping Chair Paul Gilger: Paul reports that as of June 20, 2012, the new LH Google-based maps went online for general public access.
    3. The Cruise date to Lake Tahoe is scheduled for Saturday, August 25.
    4. The Coach tour to Donner Summit, with historic scenic stops along the way, is scheduled for Saturday, September 15. It is being conducted by Sports Leisure Vacations. It is already sold out.
    5. The Sign Project: Mike Kaelin reports 4 signs have finally been installed along Dublin Boulevard in Dublin. The Museum on Main of Pleasanton has apparently lost interest installing a Lincoln Highway sign on their ¾ mile section of Dublin Canyon Road. The Livermore Heritage Guild plans to negotiate with a city’s Historic Preservation Committee to get things moving again; Mike will meet with Guild president Jeff Kaskey on August 8. In Stockton, Kevin Shawver of the Miracle Mile Association is pushing for LH signs to be installed on the Miracle Mile section of Pacific Avenue. In El Cerrito, on the 1928 LH, El Cerrito Historical Society president Rich Bartke and project manager Barbara Hill are moving ahead nicely with the city.
    6. Promo Chair Carolyn Harkonnen: Reports that the August 25 Car Cruise can be found on the California Chapter Event Calendar link. We need more copy on the Coach Tour.
    7. Speakers: Paul Gilger stated that he has had 5 speaking engagements so far this year. Bob Chase presented his “Piaggio Tour” speech at a West Side Pioneer Association meeting in Tracy and elsewhere this year.
  7. Old Business
    1. Tourism Development: Paul said that we will continue to encourage businesses along the old LH to offer discounts to LH travelers. Another idea is to upgrade membership cards to plastic cards similar to credit cards, for easier LH identification; this would make it easier for LHA members to receive discounts at LH-friendly businesses.
    2. Car Club Outreach: This will be an important item, especially as plans are developed for next year’s gala centennial events (see Section 8 — New Business below).
  8. New Business
    1. LH 100th Anniversary Tour, June 2013
      • Paul presented detailed plans for the caravan car tours: Tour #1 westbound from New York City, and Tour #2 eastbound from San Francisco. The tours will begin on Sunday, June 23 from Lincoln Park in San Francisco, and Saturday, June 22 from Times Square in New York City, both aligned with the original 1913 LH as much as possible, and both meeting in Kearney, Nebraska on Sunday, June 30. State chapters will be asked to participate, providing lunch and dinner stops along the way, among other things.
      • Paul Gilger, Jimmy Lin, Jay Banta, and other planners will produce and record the exact itineraries online for LHA members and the public, including caravan routes, various stops, and of course, the week of celebration in Kearney, Nebraska. Paul gave an brief description of Tour #2 from San Francisco and where the California Chapter would provide lunch.
      • Perks include Holiday Inn Express discounts, free centennial shirts, and the latest book by esteemed author Brian Butko.
      • July 1, 2013 is the official date of the LH Centennial Celebration.
  9. Next meeting will be Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 12 noon, at Bud’s Pub & Grill in Dixon. More details
  10. Meeting was adjourned at 3:55 PM.
  11. Paul gave an example of a Lincoln Highway PowerPoint presentation he has been presenting.
  12. Today’s Tour: a stroll on the 2003 Carquinez Bridge, officially known as the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge.


All are LHA members unless otherwise noted.

  • Officers and Staff
    • Chapter President Paul Gilger
    • VP Joel Windmiller
    • Treasurer Grant Gassman
    • Secretary Mike Kaelin
    • Traveler Editor Gary Kinst
    • Webmaster Jimmy Lin
    • Publicity Chair Carolyn Harkonnen
  • Bob Chase
  • Greg Gassman
  • Ken Masterman
  • Scott and Noon Miner
  • Jim and Naomi Shand
  • Paul and Sally Hoeprich
  • Miriam Hull
  • Kell Brigan
  • Myron and Marquitta Gershenson
  • Stephanie Perrier
  • Neil A. Rodrigues (guest)

Respectfully submitted on August 8, 2012
Mike Kaelin, Recording Secretary