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Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, January 11, 2014

Woodbridge Crossing
Woodbridge, California


The meeting was called to order at 1:07pm.

Thirty members attended the meeting today.

Copies of minutes from our last meeting (held Saturday, November 2, 2013 at Whirlow’s Tossed and Grilled Restaurant in Stockton, California) were handed out to everyone for review. There will be some changes made to the minutes and those changes will be passed onto Jackie. Executive board will then be asked to approve the revised minutes. Neil Rodriques asked for a copy to post on Yahoo Groups.

Officers, Staff, and Committee Reports

State Director Bob Dieterich
Gold Creek/Orangevale Bridge in Folsom: The Home Owners Association is still fighting. The City wants to develop some land with about 12 lots that are adjacent to the bridge. The owners are violently opposed to the development. Yesterday, Bob received an email from the Home Owners Association saying that the city has finally agreed that they need to do an Environmental Impact Report. It will take about 1½ years to do this. They will look at historical and cultural impacts.
A while ago the Placer County Water Agency had to dig up part of Ophir Road in the Newcastle area. Bob, Lloyd and Norm looked at the Environmental Impact Report and also looked at the site. To mitigate their damage to the highway (even though the highway is several feet underground), the PCWA decided to put up a monument. As part of the digging, they took pieces of the Lincoln Highway, Highway 40 and modern-day Taylor Road and put them in a monument. The monument is now complete and will be dedicated around March or April. It is located on Ophir Road. The part that was dug up is to the west of the monument. The monument is closer to Auburn; take the Ophir Road cutoff to the west.
Received an email from someone in Port Townsend, Washington. This person’s brother was a Lincoln Highway fan who passed away about 20 years ago. His belongings were distributed throughout the family. One of the family members received a concrete marker that originally came from Wyoming. The concrete marker was used as a fence post so it had been buried in the ground. The family is holding onto this piece of history but wanted to share the information with Bob.
President Paul Gilger
California now has the most members of all of the state chapters. California has 150 members, with Iowa coming in second with 145 members.
E-mail from Jimmy Lin: The national Lincoln Highway Association website now gets 216,000 hits per month. The California Chapter alone gets about 12,000 hits per month. The online map gets about 3,500 hits per month.
Mapping continues. Nathan Balaguy’s new markers are on the Lincoln Highway Map.
Received an email from Mark Hoffman at Sports Leisure. He has chosen two dates for tours. The tours have been very successful. The first date is Saturday, June 7, 2014 to do a bus tour from Sacramento to Truckee and back. The second date is Saturday, September 20, 2014 to do a bus tour from Sacramento to Livermore and back. They do sell out and the buses are fabulous, so sign up soon if you are interested.
Once a year we also try to do a Car Cruise. Our 2014 Car Cruise will be on the Carquinez section. The cruise will start in Sacramento. Possibly in May.
Paul received two emails inviting a Lincoln Highway representative to speak about the history of the Lincoln Highway.
  1. (see New Business)
  2. Sons in Retirement (SIR) Branch #34 in the Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon areas would also like to have a speaker attend one of their luncheon meetings at the San Ramon Golf Club. They would like someone to speak for 35–45 minutes in April, May or June. Their luncheons are held on the first Thursday of the month. Gary has offered to speak at one of their meetings.
Paul recognized member Carolyn Harkonnen of Loomis. She is getting married (new name Rowe) and moving to England. The LHA would love for her to remain a member!
Vice-President and Membership Chairman Joel Windmiller
270 Membership/Reminder cards were sent. There were 6 returns.
LH Marker Maintenance
  1. Dixon and West Sacramento Markers have been repaired and repainted. Gary assisted with repairs. Condition is now “good”.
  2. Roseville Sylvan Corners: Needs repair. Paint is peeling.
  3. San Francisco (Terminus): Red and blue are faded.
November 9, 2013: Joel, Jackie Ferreira and David Lee drove up to the Applegate Motel and spoke with the owner (Raymond) about various locations for the two new signs. David took a lot of possible sign placement photos for Joel to share with Mike Kaelin for further consideration.
January 4, 2014: Dawn Renee delivered two markers to Joel’s house: one with a straight and left turn arrow (broken off at neck). With the help of Paul and Greg, the markers were unloaded and placed in his carport for safekeeping. To protect them, he has covered them with plastic.
Donation Marker repair will need to be done prior to placement along the highway. Construction of a post mold will be needed to repair the markers.
Possible donated marker placement location would be beside the obelisks at the former location of the 1901 Riverton Bridge. The other marker may be placed in Clarksville.
Treasurer Grant Gassman
Grant reported the chapter account balance. Contact the chapter for details. Balance was accepted by all present.
Secretary Jackie Ferreira
Nothing new to report.
Traveler Editor and Chapter Historian: Gary Kinst
The Lincoln Highway has been getting a lot of press lately, especially in Solano County. KXTV Channel 10 did a story on the Lincoln Highway and used several photos that Gary donated. This story can be viewed online. An article in the Fairfield Daily Republic was written about the marker in front of the Fairfield courthouse.
Gary has put together a book on all of the markers and their locations, focusing on Solano County to Sacramento County, including every single marker we know of that exists. There are photos of markers from the Vallejo area, which were part of Myron Gershenson’s collection. Each marker was given a number and is listed as being an original 1928 marker or a replica. Also listed is where each marker is located, when it was installed and if it has been moved. Gary shared interesting stories of locating some of the monuments and speaking with their current owners. Also mentioned were monuments located in the Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum basement which Gary will be taking photos of.
Webmaster Jimmy Lin
Jimmy sent an email to Paul containing web statistics.
Signs — Mike Kaelin
Someone has stolen a sign from Altamont Pass. They not only took the sign but cut off the post. Mike has worked out a deal with Rick Young at Alameda County to place a new sign ½ mile east of the missing post.
The LHA received a nice donation from Bob Glaze, who is president of the Optimist’s Club in San Leandro. He is working on his own signage project on Grand Avenue and has donated $250.00. Mike is proposing that our chapter give him a one-year membership to the Lincoln Highway Association.
Mike asked the group which Lincoln Highway town is also a capital city in Europe, in exchange for a prize. The city is Dublin. The prize was an Arcadia book on Dublin, California. Dublin was a very important crossroads on the Lincoln Highway, and one of the oldest churches in California is located there, built in 1856.
Who can guess the first year of construction of our first National Road (also known as Cumberland Road or the National Pike) out of Cumberland, Maryland? It was started in 1809 and went to Vandalia, Illinois. The 2014 Napa Auto Parts calendar prize was awarded to Gary.

Old Business

  1. Eagle Scout Project — Scott Miner and Joel Windmiller
    • On December 14, 2013, both of Nathan Balaguy’s markers were planted. Marker #1 was placed at 31805 Lincoln Road/Gold Run School Road (Alta-Dutch Flat area). Marker #2 was placed at 17875 Donner Summit Road (just east of the Donner Summit Bridge). There will be a dedication ceremony for each marker which will be attended by Nathan’s scout troup and Lincoln Highway directors on President’s Day weekend.
    • Nathan will have his Eagle Scout Ceremony in May.
  2. Auburn Arts Commission Award — Kell
    • Kell represented the LHA at the Auburn Arts Show. The art is being shown at the Auburn Civic Center until February 8, 2014. Civic Center phone number: (530) 820-3644
    • There were about 30 art pieces were displayed. The first, second and third prize winners were very appreciative of the awards. The LHA contribution of $200.00 was made the grand prize by the Auburn Arts Commission. The LHA received special thanks.
    • Kell did a presentation showing photos of the art pieces, including the prize winners as well as the proclamation showcasing the LHA. First prize went to Richard Swayze, East to Donner Summit (pencil). Second prize went to Reif Erickson, Donner Pass (giclee print). Third prize went to Timothy Mulligan, Magnificent Sunset (acrylic).
    • Photos of the art can also be seen in The Traveler newsletter.
  3. Arcadia Publishing — Gary Kinst
    • Has contacted the Livermore Heritage Guild and the West Side Pioneer Association/Tracy Historical Museum to inquire about their writings of Arcadia Books.
    • Recently spoke to a gentleman in Rio Vista who wrote two books.
    • There are several guidelines and specifications required when writing one of these books, i.e., a certain amount of script and photos (photos must be certain sizes).
    • He will contact Arcadia Publishing and is interested in writing a book on the Lincoln Highway in California.
    • There is a lot of intense work involved. Gary is willing to write the book and choose photos from his huge collection!
    • Kell is willing to do an entire proof edit on the book before it is sent to the publisher.
    • It was discussed that we would start with one book focusing on the state of California.
    • There was a motion on the floor that we would proceed with the book, with Gary as the author and Kell as the proofreader. Joel made first motion and Neil seconded.

New Business

  1. Placer County Genealogical Society presentation, Auburn — Paul Gilger
    • Paul received an email from them Sunday, December 29. They are looking for someone to speak on the history of the Lincoln Highway. They meet every fourth Thursday evening at the Placer County Library in Auburn. They need someone to speak for about an hour. Bob Chase has offered to speak at their meeting.
  2. Election of Officers
    • A motion was made by Mike Kaelin to keep the same officers, seconded by Bob Chase.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held Saturday, April 5, 2014 in Applegate. The meeting will be held at:

Applegate Motel
17923 Applegate Road
Applegate, CA 95258
(530) 878-2901

Meeting Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.


  • Lloyd Johnson: The Lincoln Highway in Stockton (Part 2)
  • Neil Rodrigues: Lincoln Highway Kings Canyon Route

Respectfully submitted on February 28, 2014
Jackie Ferreira, California Chapter Secretary