Lincoln Highway Association: California Chapter P.O. Box 447
Carmichael, CA 95609

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pacific Street Cafe
Roseville, California


The meeting was called to order at 1:30pm.

Officers, Staff, and Committee Reports

State Director Bob Dieterich
(Joel W. is reporting per Bob as he is not able to attend the meeting.)

  • There has not been a national meeting of the directors since January.
  • New lifetime member from Oceanside by the name of David Allen.

President and Membership Chairman Joel Windmiller

  • Joel introduced himself as the newly elected President and thanked everyone for their votes.
  • Introductions were made by new attendees/future members. Shelly Blanchard and Lee Frechette were present to represent the city of Rancho Cordova and the Cordova Community Council. Teresa Compton from Grass Valley and Stephen-David Lintner (acquaintance of Brian Butko) from Pennsylvania were also present.
  • Coach tours and car tours of the Lincoln Highway are in the planning stages.
  • Approval of January minutes. Paul Gilger made a motion, seconded by Nora Elderton. Minutes were approved and passed.
  • On February 27, 2015, the California Chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association lost a very loyal member, Mr. Lloyd Johnson, who unfortunately lost a four month battle with cancer. Lloyd was a founding member of the California Chapter. He was born in Tracy, CA on October 2, 1929. He obtained several degrees and experience which landed him a position with Caltrans. More information can be found about Lloyd in the April edition of The Traveler newsletter. Special memories of Lloyd were shared by Chapter members:
    • “Lloyd knew about so many places on the Lincoln Highway and the various alignments.”
    • “He was one of the most gracious and elegant people, I have ever met. He always had a kind word and was always such a gentleman. His personality was wonderful.”
    • “He was a soft spoken man, who loved to talk about the Lincoln Highway with interested parties.”
  • 270 Membership/reminder cards were sent. 1 was returned.
  • Joel was supposed to speak at the Lodi Historical Society last month; however the meeting has been postponed until September.
  • Mark Hoffman of Sports Leisure Travel will be making a speech at the Rancho Cordova Historical Society on May 14, 2015. Date to be confirmed.
  • Bob Chase gave a slideshow presentation to the Auburn Travel Club. The club dates back 100 years and the membership are all women. His presentation lasted approximately 1&12frac; hours. The presentation ended with good conversation, delicious coffee and home baked items.
  • The CA Chapter now has a new P.O. Box: P.O. Box 447, Carmichael, CA 95609.
  • Paul Gilger and Jackie Ferreira will be coordinating the lunch for the next CA Chapter meeting in July.

Vice-President Neil Rodrigues
(Joel W. is reporting per Neil as he is not able to attend the meeting.)

  • Neil has been in communication with the National Auto Museum in Reno concerning our Lincoln Highway Arcadia project and selling the books.
  • Neil has been asked to be the official photographer for the 1915 Henry B. Joy tour.
  • Neil requested that people on the tour feel free to come forth and recommend/suggest any photo opportunities on the tour.

Treasurer Grant Gassman

  • Grant reported the chapter account balance. Contact the chapter for details.
  • Disbursement for the purchase of Lincoln Highway signs and the membership mailing.
  • Donation in the amount of $400 from a member in Idaho (please refer to meeting minutes from January). Also a donation from the Optimist’s Club in San Leandro in the amount of $702.

Secretary Jackie Ferreira

  • There are 29 people in attendance today.

Traveler Editor and Chapter Historian Gary Kinst
(Joel W. is reporting per Gary as he is not able to attend the meeting.)

National Chairman of Mapping Paul Gilger

  • New updates in Iowa. More sections of road were found.
  • Henry B. Joy tour which departs Detroit the morning of July 20. There are approximately 52 cars signed up.
  • The Chapter is going to host a dinner at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento on July 7, 2015. Greg and Grant Gassman, Greg Beemer, Scott Miner and Paul are on the committee. They had a planning meeting. Scott has put together a list of everything needed to put on an extravagant salad bar. There will most likely be approximately 100 people at the dinner.
  • Cruises: Bus tour on Saturday, October 24 going from Sacramento to Reno through Sports Leisure Travel. Car cruise to be scheduled in September on the 1913/1927 Central Valley Route. The tour will end in Livermore at Duarte’s Garage.
  • Rancho Cordova Community Council would like to host the CA Chapter of the LHA for the quarterly meeting in January 2016.

Webmaster Jimmy Lin

Statistics for 2015 Q1:

  • Web site: 18,976 sessions (up 8% from Q4 2014). That averages to one session every 6 minutes and 49 seconds. Out of those, 11,150 sessions involved visiting the map. 63% of the visitors use their desktop, 25% use their phones and about 13% use their tablet. About 33% start their sessions at the home page, 43% at the map.
  • Facebook: The Lincoln Highway Association page has 1,446 likes (up 2% over Q4 2014, but Facebook changed how it counts likes during the quarter, making comparisons to previous quarters difficult). 42% women and 58% men. 22% are from outside the U.S.
  • Twitter: We have 255 followers (up 2% from Q4 2014)
  • Google+: We have 40 followers (no change from Q4 2014).

Mike Kaelin

  • The City of Rancho Cordova plan on becoming life members of the Lincoln Highway Association. They will be receiving a Certificate of Appreciation. Several locations for signage have been surveyed and approximately 20 signs will be posted.
  • Mike will be meeting with Kevin Shawver on Tuesday to discuss the remainder of the signs for Stockton.
  • Signage in Oakland is complete thanks to Bob Glaze, President of the Optimist Club in San Leandro as well as Mike Kaelin and the City of Oakland.
  • Lodi is another signage project. Mike met with the Historic Department there as well as the senior engineer. It is slow going but Mike is going to meet with them again, hopefully with positive results.

New Business

  1. Mike Kaelin would like to give an award.
    • Mike would like to nominate Bob Glaze for a “Friend of the Highway” award for his dedication, perseverance and commitment to the City of Oakland signage project. Joel will speak to Bob Dieterich.
  2. Roseville Historical Society
    • The Historical Society has purchased new chairs for the CA Chapter of the LHA to visit, tour and hear a presentation at the Carnegie Library museum after the meeting. Kell made a motion to donate $100. Second from Myrna Johnston. Motion passed and a check will be mailed to the Roseville Historical Society.
  3. Purchase of a projector and screen for the CA Chapter of the LHA
    • Paul put a motion on the floor for Joel to shop for and purchase a projector and screen for the chapter. The items will remain in Joel’s possession and will used exclusively by the CA Chapter of the LHA. Jimmy Lin seconded the motion. All members were in favor of the purchase. Motion passed.
  4. Citrus Heights/Rancho Cordova LH signage
    • New cities are putting up Lincoln Highway signs. Joel and Michael Kaelin attended a meeting in Rancho Cordova last month. Rancho Cordova will be putting up several signs. Joel is working with Citrus Heights in putting up signs along Greenback Lane and Auburn Blvd.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be held Saturday, July 11, 2015 in Livermore at the Duarte Garage (which is celebrating 100 years) at 1:00.
  • Lunch at 12:00: Castle Rock Restaurant, 1848 Portola Ave, Livermore, CA 94550, (925) 456-7100,

Meeting Adjourned

  • Meeting was adjourned at 2:25 pm.


  • Carnegie Library, home of the Roseville Historical Society, 557 N Lincoln Street
  • 1929 Sierra Vista Arch Bridge

Respectfully submitted on May 19, 2015
Jackie Ferreira, California Chapter Secretary