The Traveler
The Newsletter of the Lincoln Highway Association - California Chapter

Published Quarterly

Volume 2, Number 3: Fall 2001


Table of Contents

Vintage Views: Ohio to Illinois
by George Clark
More old postcard scenes of the Lincoln Highway.

Highway Nostalgia
by Wes Hammond
The Fageol Truck and Coach Company.

2000-01 Annual Report

2001 Annual Auto Tour
This year we join the Model A Ford Club of America in touring the Lincoln Highway!

From the Editor
by Wes Hammond

Road Song
by Wes Hammond
Music about driving and the lure of the highway

  [Postcard of 1920s Fageol truck]
This restored Fageol truck of the early 1920s is typical of the type of truck built at the Fageol manufacturing plant in Oakland, California. The complete name of this company was the Fageol Truck and Coach Company, which was located on Foothill Boulevard, part of the Lincoln Highway.
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