Bernie Queneau
Coast-to-Coast Award
Lincoln Highway Association recognizes completion of coast-to-coast travel over the Lincoln Highway

The Bernie Queneau Coast-To-Coast Lincoln Highway Recognition Award is a program by the Lincoln Highway Association to recognize individuals who have traveled the entire distance of the Lincoln Highway. A certificate of achievement and a commemorative pin is issued by the LHA to those who qualify for the award, based upon successful processing of the application form designed for this purpose.

Anyone who has traveled the entire route is eligible. To apply for the award, fill out the application form and mail it, along with supporting materials, to the address indicated on the form for processing.

There is no application fee or deadline for submission. Applications can be submitted and awards issued at any time during the year, but only those applications received by April 30 will be announced at that year’s Lincoln Highway Annual Conference.

Many Lincoln Highway enthusiasts have already completed the coast-to-coast travel. This is a significant achievement which warrants recognition in a special way through this program. The recognition program is also intended to inspire others to consider such an adventure as a way of enriching their Lincoln Highway experience.

Bernie Queneau Coast-to-Coast Lincoln Highway Recognition Award — Application Form

For more information, contact:

John Jackson
Bernie Queneau Award Administrator, LHA