Lincoln Highway Association California
Lincoln Highway Association

Quarterly Chapter Meeting Minutes — Saturday, April 2, 2016

Harry’s Hofbrau
San Leandro, California

  1. Meeting called to order at 1:20pm by President Joel Windmiller
    1. Joel thanked Michael Kaelin for arranging the location.
    2. Attendance count at meeting: 26 people
    3. New attendees introduced: Jean Lucas and Doug Rathgeb from Davis, California
    4. Michael Kaelin introduced Bob Glaze, president of the Optimist Club of San Leandro, and presented a certificate of appreciation for hours of work installing Lincoln Highway signs between Oakland and San Leandro.
  2. Minutes of January meeting in Rancho Cordova reviewed.
    1. Thanks to Paul for transcribing and sending the minutes.
    2. Jimmy Lin moved to approve, Grant Gassman second. Minutes approved.
  3. Officer, Staff and Committee Reports
    1. State Director Bob Dieterich
      1. Joel reported Bob unable to join us. Via email from Bob nothing to report.
      2. He will give a report in July if there are any new developments.
    2. President Joel Windmiller
      1. Joel sent 281 cards, no returns.
      2. Norton Grade Road in Placer County: A pipeline project requires digging up the road for installation. A question was asked at the January meeting regarding whether there was concrete that should be preserved. Research found only oil-macadam pavement and gravel. There was no concrete pavement to be saved on the old road surface.
      3. 1915 Orangevale Avenue Bridge restoration project by the City of Folsom and Dokken Engineering: An abutment has an extensive crack and needs replacing. The deck is to be replaced. The bridge will be rebuilt to 1915 specs and will be earthquake sound allowing school buses and emergency vehicles to cross. Only the lower arch supporting the deck will be original. Joel will help build a replica of a 1928 marker to be installed on the north east end of the bridge. Greg Gassman will assist. Original marker from 1928 is colored concrete. There was discussion of how colored concrete could be used instead of paint.
      4. A 1928 marker has been purchased by the Nevada Chapter from Craigslist for $1300. They are now looking at several places to display it. They are in negotiations with the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) and another locations.
    3. Vice-President Neil Rodrigues: had nothing to report.
    4. Treasurer Grant Gassman
      1. Grant reported the chapter account balance.  Contact the chapter for details.
      2. Two deposits from National ($243.00) and Bob Dieterich (sign purchase of $120.00)
      3. Disbursements $130.00 to Joel for April 2 meeting.
    5. Secretary Myrna Johnston: nothing to report.
      1. Joel reported Jackie is doing better. She is doing better and wants to return as secretary in the future.
    6. Traveler Newsletter and Historian Gary Kinst unable to attend.
      1. Gary (via email) hopes everyone has enjoyed the Traveler online. He would like members to submit articles and story ideas about towns and historical places on the Lincoln Highway.
    7. Webmaster Jimmy Lin
      1. Website stats: 22,000 sessions during the first quarter of 2016, up 16% year over year.
      2. Visits to maps went up 58% year over year.
      3. Mobile traffic up 49%.
      4. Tablet traffic up 63%.
      5. Desktop traffic down 7%.
      6. February, for second year in a row is the slowest month. Spring is usually busier than summer. We are still doing quite well.
      7. Traveler: During the first 3 months of the year, there were 611 users who visited at least one page in the Traveler part of our web site. Those 611 users visited 1,055 pages over 640 sessions.
    8. Sign Committee Chair Michael Kaelin
      1. Lathrop Rotary Club has replaced the plaque at John Sherpa’s stone monument. Signs are still needed on Harlan and Manthey Roads.
      2. The 1936 11th Street overpass in Tracy is closing to all traffic on April 6. The overpass replacement will open in October 2017.
      3. Not much signage in last two quarters.
      4. Bill Von Tagen from Boise, Idaho will be in Truckee on May 26, checking out sign locations along Donner Pass Road.
      5. Twelve signs in inventory; 10 reserved for Truckee. LH to be posted with Historic Highway 40 signs.
      6. Mike Kaelin moved that he would determine the cost of 30 more signs, report to treasurer Grant Gassman and the board for purchasing. Second by Paul Gilger. Motion passed.
    9. Speakers: No Lincoln Highway speaking engagements since our last meeting.
    10. Coach tours Mark Hoffman and car cruises Paul Gilger
      1. Mark Hoffman will have a coach tour on June 11 on the LH from Sacramento to Livermore, stopping at farmers’ markets.
      2. For the October 13 tour, Mark will go up to Sierras. Check Sports Leisure Vacations site for details.
      3. Mark Burnside of the San Diego Packard Club and the Antique Automobile Club of America are organizing a massive tour from September 23 to September 26, starting at the Western Terminus. 30 car clubs participating, all types of cars. Contact Paul Gilger for more information.
        1. Day 1: San Francisco to Sacramento via Altamont Pass
        2. Day 2: Sacramento to Carson City
        3. Day 3: Reno and back down to Sacramento through Donner Pass
        4. Day 4: Carquinez Bridge to Berkeley, ending at the Western Terminus.
      4. The 2016 LH Conference will be in Gettysburg, June 13–17. It will be followed by an auto tour, June 17–24, starting in Maryland, with five days on the National Road and two days on Route 66. More information on the LHA website.
      5. Forward movement on Western Terminus sign: Nathan Tinclair with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department gave the go-ahead to get the price for the sign. Tinclair will arrange all of the legal and city details.
  4. Old Business
    1. Kell Brigan reported that due to the California Capital Airshow, the date of Rancho Cordova’s Lincoln Highway celebration has changed to October 9 and asked if we wanted to change our meeting date to match. Jimmy Lin moved to change our meeting to Sunday, October 9 and attend the LH days in Rancho Cordova. Second by Michael Kaelin. Motion passed. (We will meet at City Hall unless Rancho Cordova changes the place.)
  5. New Business
    1. Michael Kaelin introduced A.T. Stephens, executive director of the Hayward Area Historical Society and friend of the Lincoln Highway. Mr. Stephens is in search of Lincoln Highway material for the 60th anniversary celebration of the Historical Society this summer. There will be a table for the LHA. He was looking for LH signs, photos along the highway, and anything else of interest to the public.
    2. Michael Kaelin also introduced Michael Emerson, known for creating monuments including the Bay Area Flight 93 Memorial at Sugar Mill Landing Park in Union City. He has also designed the Hayward 9/11 Memorial in downtown Hayward, which will be dedicated on Memorial Day. He invited everyone to attend and handed out information for buying a brick to with a name you want to honor or whatever you want to say, to assist in the cost of the memorial.
    3. Joel Windmiller: A Wyoming Lincoln Highway marker was donated to the California LHA by Jack Campbell in his will. The marker, originally from Rock River, Wyoming, was found buried upside-down and used as a fence post by a rancher. Mr. Campbell acquired it, and it was stored in his garage in Washington. Joel is now in possession of the marker. Discussion regarding what to do with the marker, back to Wyoming or something else?

      Paul Gilger made a motion that the LHA CA chapter retains ownership of the marker and will decide what is the best for the Carpenter Family marker. In the meantime, it will be on loan to A.T. Stephens of the Hayward Historical Society for their celebration this summer. Determination of final place for the marker will be discussed at future meeting. Second by Dennis. Third by Neil Rodrigues. Motion passed.

    4. The chapter meeting on July 9, 2016 will be held in Truckee at Moody’s Bistro, Bar and Beats, inside the Truckee Hotel (formerly the Whitney House). A salad bar for lunch will provide as well as a meeting room. $20 for the lunch. Nevada chapter members will join us. Bill Von Tagen will contact Moody’s.
    5. Neil Rodrigues: The gift shop in the National Automobile Museum in Reno would like to have some LH memorability and merchandise. Paul suggested emailing Jim Cassler (of the Lincoln Highway Trading Post) and the museum representative.
    6. Q.T. Freytag: There are Highway 40 markers everywhere. Q.T. believes signs for the Lincoln Highway signs should be included. The 1928 highway went through Vacaville. Paul Gilger suggested he start by determining the exact route and contact the City Manager or Mayor’s office.
  6. Meeting Adjournment
    1. Motion to adjourn: Chuck Elderton. Second by Jimmy Lin
    2. Meeting adjourned 3:15pm
  7. Road Trip
    1. San Leandro to Oakland LH sign locations. Stop at the Hotel Oakland.

Respectfully submitted
Myrna Johnston, Secretary