The Traveler
The Newsletter of the Lincoln Highway Association - California Chapter

Summer 2001


From the Editor

Wes Hammond

As I mentioned in the March newsletter, we shall begin our trip across the United States with this issue. As we travel east to west, we are going to see views along the Lincoln Highway as preserved by postcard photographers. This theme was the idea of chapter member George Clark, and all of the postcards, except for those of two states, are from his collection. George has a motto for these Vintage Views articles: "The Closest You'll Get to the Way It Was." I wish to extend a special thank you to George for doing all the preparation work for the front cover and for the three Vintage View pages. This saved me a great deal of time and effort.

What better way to start out the trip than with a listing of travel needs for a journey along the Lincoln Highway in its earliest days. We have chapter member Donn Marinovich to thank for this. He has furnished a copy of the original recommended listing. In the print edition of this newsletter, this listing will be divided over two issues. The web edition has the entire listing.

We have chapter member Richard Schlaich to thank for information about music that was written expressly for the Lincoln Highway. This is featured in the Road Song column of this issue.

A new method is being introduced to remind individuals of the expiration date of their membership. If your membership expires within the three-month period following the publication date. that expiration date will be indicated in red on the address label.

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