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The Newsletter of the Lincoln Highway Association - California Chapter

Summer 2001


Road Song

Thanks to chapter member Richard Schlaich for the following information about music written expressly to honor the Lincoln Highway.

  • In 1914, The Lincoln Highway March, a band score, was written by Lylord J. St. Claire.
  • In 1921, The Lincoln Highway March and Two Step was written by Harry J. Lincoln.
  • In 1922, another Lincoln Highway March was written. This one was componsed by George B. Lutz.

From about 1938 to about 1940, there was a radio program on the air about the Lincoln Highway; it had a music theme for opening and closing. Mr. Schlaich is not positive of the actual title of the music, other than possibly "The Lincoln Highway Theme." Tapes of these programs are available from:

Radio Gems
P.O. Box 23568
Charlotte, NC 28227

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