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Lincoln Highway Association

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The Lincoln Highway in Nevada stretches across the middle part of the state, linking historic towns from Ely to Reno. Much of it coincides with modern U.S. 50, which has been dubbed The Loneliest Road in America.

The Nevada chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association meets four times a year. The meetings either include lunch at an historic restaurant or a program on various highway and historical topics. The chapter also plans two to three road trips a year. All are welcome!

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To find out more about the Lincoln Highway in Nevada, please download the following brochure. It is 16″ × 20″ physically, intended to be folded in half, then into fifths (which is why ¼ of it appears upside down).

Pictorial tour

Browse through a selection of historic sites and points of interest along the Lincoln Highway in Nevada. Each photo has a number that represents the location in the map below.

These photos were originally presented as part of a panel display by the Nevada chapter at the 2017 Lincoln Highway Conference.

Map of the Lincoln Highway in Nevada
, with numbered locations for the photos below

Stateline at Lake Tahoe · 1940
Nevada State Line
Western Nevada Photo Collection
Stateline at Lake Tahoe · 1950
Wagon Wheel Saloon
Philip Subled Collection
Lake Tahoe · 1915
East shore of Lake Tahoe
University of Michigan Special Collections
Lake Tahoe · c. 1918
Lincoln Highway along the Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe
Postcard courtesy of Brian Suen
Lake Tahoe · c. 1920
Cave Rock and SS Tahoe
Postcard courtesy of Jim Bonar
Carson City
Marker and plaque at U.S. Mint building (now Nevada State Museum)
Photo by Brian Suen
Virginia City · c. 1940
Bucket of Blood Saloon
Brian Suen Collection
Lincoln Highway Bridge rails, relocated along I-80
Photo by Brian Suen
The original 1926 Reno Arch
Erected for the 1927 Nevada Transcontinental Highway Exposition, which commemorated the completion of the Lincoln and Victory Highways
Brian Suen Collection
Mural on commercial building at East 4th Street (old U.S. 40) and Spokane Street
Photo by Brian Suen
Lincoln Highway east of Reno
University of Michigan Special Collections
Buckland Station
Once a Pony Express stop, supplier to early settlers, and home to the Buckland family until 1885
Photo by Nevada State Parks
Fort Churchill
Guarded the Pony Express Trail and early settlers from 1861 to 1869.
Photo by Nevada State Parks
Main Street underpass
Photo by Brian Suen
Cannon Motel
Fallon Sink near Frenchman Station
University of Michigan Special Collections
Carroll Summit
U.S. 50 (Lincoln Highway) is the gravel road in the bottom center
University of Michigan Special Collections
Carroll Station
A short-lived mining boom town near present-day Route 722
1919 Military Convoy stopping in Austin, the geographic center of Nevada
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Rassiga and Warren White
West Wendover · March 2007
Boy Scouts commemorate Lincoln Highway
Boy Scout Troop 140
General Motors Section of the Lincoln Highway
Eureka Unit · Length 22 Miles
Photo by Brian Suen
Tippett Ranch
Near the Utah border
University of Michigan Special Collections
Much of what became the Lincoln Highway in Nevada traced the routes pioneered by earlier stagecoach lines like the Overland Stage
First day cover from Brian Suen